The HUGE benefits of dealing with a SMALL family business

Big Corporate

"I've been on hold for ages!  What key do I push to speak to a real person?"

"What do you mean he doesn't work there any more?"

"How can I make sense of this claim form when I've got all this stress?"

"How do they expect me to understand this mumbo jumbo they sent me!"

"Gidday Murray, it's Sam here!"

"So Murray, you remember that policy you set up for me a few years ago...?"

"Yes!  Murray's gonna help me with the claim process so I can focus on getting things back to normal"

"Murray's gonna come to my place to find out what I want and then go get it for me.  How easy is that?!"

For old fashioned personal service with modern and professional expertise, Super Sure! are your super heroes for all your
life insurance and general insurance needs
for families and businesses in the 
Greater Wellington region.

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