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Special Needs Families
are special to us

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Murray and April are the parents of a very precious daughter who is non-verbal and autistic and who bravely faces difficult challenges every day. 


They understand that when so much of your focus is on the needs of your children, it can be difficult to find the time to sort out other important matters. 

That's why Murray will come to you, at a place and time that's convenient to you and your family. 


Our own home is noisy and chaotic and stressful at times.  We have lots of sensory and obsessive behaviour parameters we have to work around for the comfort of our daughter.  Our "normal" is very different from other people's "normal". 


So we "get it".  And because we get it, Murray will work with you to have this important conversation about family protection in whatever way works for you. 

Murray also understands the sort of worries you have and the practical considerations you may have to work with.  

So don't put things off.  Call Murray today and have a chat about what you and your family need in order to make the time and space for a conversation about insurances.  We've got your back.

Our beautiful daughter at the Mount Victoria lookout.

Supporter of the Special Children's Christmas Parties and the Kids' Foundation (Immune Deficiencies Foundation NZ)

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