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Health Insurance, like other insurances provides peace of mind. It makes a difficult or stressful situation easier to cope with. The newspapers regularly run stories about a troubled Public Health system – growing waiting lists, patients being sent away untreated, surgery being deferred.

Medical Insurance

Nurse And Patient

Unfortunately a personal history of excellent health doesn’t mean it’s always going to be that way. No-one knows what’s around the corner. Not all treatments or costs are covered by the public health system and there is no guarantee that we will get the treatment we need at the time we want it.

Health Insurance gives you CHOICE. It allows you to choose your doctor or specialist. It allows you to choose when you are treated. You get to choose where you are treated.

The niggling pain or discomfort that has developed – you can get it treated rather than put up with it. The major, out-of-the-blue surgical operation that you just didn’t see coming – you don’t have to worry about waiting for treatment and you don’t have to worry about an expensive hospital bill.

Peace of Mind.
There are lots of options, features and benefits to consider when comparing health insurance plans:

  • Do I cover the major health issues only (Hospitalisation & Specialist) or do I need a comprehensive policy (including GP's, Dentists, Prescriptions etc)?

  • Which features are most important to me and my family?

  • Should I pay an excess per claim to reduce the monthly premium cost?

  • Would it be useful to include a lump sum payment for a critical medical condition?

We can help you navigate all the options and find the right policy for YOU.

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