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“Jim passed away several years ago.  Because he had life insurance I was able to pay for all the immediate expenses and then Murray helped me to invest the rest.  That investment means that I don’t just have to rely on the Government Superannuation and I’ve been able to draw on it for things like home maintenance, car costs, and even to help out family.  Jim’s legacy has given me great peace of mind and financial security and I’m grateful for that.  I’ve also been grateful to have the ongoing guidance and advice from Murray. I really recommend talking to Murray about insurance for anyone who wants to make sure their loved ones don’t have to worry about money.”

Dale, Lower Hutt

Super Sure Life Insurance

Life Insurance

How will your loved ones manage financially if something happens to you?​

Life Insurance pays out a tax free lump sum for your loved ones to use for:

  • funeral and legal expenses

  • repay or reduce mortgage debt or other loans

  • provide an ongoing income

  • provide an education fund or legacy for children or grandchildren

  • relocating home to be nearer the support of friends and family

  • childcare or home help

  • grief support or financial advice

We will help you to identify the amount and insurance product that will best suit your family's indvidual needs and situation.  There are lots of options and features.  Our advice is free and without obligation.  Talk to us now for your peace of mind.

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