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Trauma Cover (critical illness)

Don't let that Kryptonite weaken your powers!  With Trauma Cover you can focus on recovery without financial worry.


It can take time to recover from a serious illness like cancer, heart attack, stroke or a serious injury from an accident.  Time that you're unable to work.  Time that you're unable to do the everyday things that care for your family.

Trauma insurance pays out a lump sum amount if you are diagnosed with one of a list of specified serious conditions including, but not limited to, cancer, heart attack and stroke.

It provides up front funds to help meet expenses such as:

• medical expenses, (including travel for alternative treatments, private treatment to avoid hospital waiting lists, expensive medications);
• repayment or reduction of debts (mortgage, hire purchase, etc) so that you don’t have that extra worry;
• childcare costs;
• rehabilitation costs and occupational retraining;
• home nursing costs or homehelp;
• modifications to your home (e.g. wheelchair access, hoists, etc).
• replace lost income
• prostheses/mobility appliances, etc.

You choose how you use the funds to make a stressful situation a little bit easier.

Our Super Hero will obtain comparative quotes from the major insurance companies to source you the best Super Power deal out there!

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