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What would you do if your child became critically ill?

It’s not an easy thing to have to contemplate, but it’s an important question. The reason it’s worth asking is that every parent knows that there is only one place you would be if your child became critically ill. And that’s by their side.

How would you and your family cope?

Have you ever woken up to the prospect of an extra-long to-do list or found yourself staring at a screen full of emails waiting for your attention? You’re just getting wired up for the day ahead when your child comes into breakfast and announces they’re not feeling well…

As every parent knows, juggling kids and work can be challenging – and that’s when you’re facing an occasional day off because your child has a stomach bug. But how would your family cope with a serious illness that could take weeks or months of recovery? Would you need to put your job on hold, or maybe give up work completely? And if you have other children, would you need to consider childcare arrangements?

The financial protection you need

Insurance can’t stop an illness from happening, unfortunately, but it can give you the support you need to keep up with your financial commitments –  including your day-to-day expenses as well as any loan or mortgage repayments you may have.

At Super Sure!, we deal with adult Trauma Insurance policies that have automatic cover for any children up to the age of 20.

There are many benefits to having your children covered for trauma under your own trauma policy. Essentially, you can build your cover to give yourself the ability to be there when it matters. Should you or your child be diagnosed with one of the serious illnesses listed on your policy, your Trauma Insurance will provide you with the financial support you need when taking time off work.

Like to learn more?

If you'd like to discuss your Trauma Insurance options (with or without your children being covered), please get in touch. We can help you secure the right level of coverage for your family's needs and budget. And remember: children are automatically covered under the adult Trauma policy at no extra charge, and the peace of mind you can get is priceless.

An Adviser Disclosure Statement is available free and upon request.

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